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What We Can Learn From Our Ancestors

2 by James Schwartz


What We Can Learn From Our Ancestors

In the past, especially with older civilizations, there was often a time where the people would gather and essentially “create their universe.”  What that means is that the group would unite their intentions to create a collective consciousness.   Those intentions might include abundant rain for the crops, a safe and successful hunting expedition at the time of the full moon, abundant crop harvests in the fall and perhaps even wellness for some of the elders who might be struggling.

Even if there were disagreements within its members, the collective was typically able to envision positive outcomes in order to help the society thrive and prosper.

So, what is the universe we are creating?  What is contained within our collective consciousness?  Many of us are putting out thoughts of fear and anger and divisiveness towards those who don’t buy into our ideology.  Knowing that what we think and feel and believe is what we create, what kind of world are we creating?

If we want our world to be a place of love, light, peace, harmony and compassion, that needs to be the kind of thoughts that each of us put into the collective consciousness.  We can learn from our ancestors.

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